Audio Gold News

Audio Gold News – Twice Each Day
With Ken Edwards

Veteran trader commentary. Buy & sell prices on popular bullion products.

You can hear my recorded Audio Gold News tape over the Internet twice each working day Monday through Friday. My Morning Audio Gold News will describe what is happening on the trading floor as the precious metals open for business in New York.

Audio Gold News with Ken Edwards

Vice President

These thoughts will consider factors which contribute to direction and include specific buy and sell pricing on popular bullion choices.

Later in the day as floor trading closes on the New York Commodity Exchange I update this Audio Gold News tape with My Closing Gold Thoughts and include our closing buy and sell quotes. Using this insight will help you better understand market direction while also pointing out how the most popular bullion products react in a real trading environment.

If you are considering bullion products we the best national prices on US Gold Eagle Coins, Gold Bullion Bars from PAMP and Credit Suisse, the Krugerrand, the Chinese Gold Panda, Lunar Gold Coins and the PAMP Kilo Gold Bar. My commentary will also include the Swiss and French 20 Franc, the British Sovereign and the popular US $20 Gold Piece.

I also quote popular silver bullion choices like the 1 oz silver round, the 10 oz and 100 oz silver bar and the $1000 face 90% junk silver bag. And include the US Silver Eagle and “Monster Box” along with platinum and palladium bullion products.

The live markets will change these recorded prices during the day so consider this a “snap shot” of current trading activity. Feel free to call me toll-free (1-800-225-7531) with any questions you might have about buying or selling the precious metals.

Deal with and enjoy great national pricingno commission sales and free insured shipping.

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