Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz

Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz

The Royal Canadian Mint introduced this stunning silver Wildlife Series in 2011. This modern silver series has been popular with the public who is looking for something different in silver bullion but still wants a 1 oz coin which will move directly with the price of silver on the world market. The series released over a 3 year period contains 6 beautiful wildlife coins; each is pure silver and has a legal tender value of $5 Canadian. All offer limited production and the Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz trades for a modest premium above its silver weight. Its legal tender value while symbolic adds a special plus because it provides the guarantee of a sovereign nation. The Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz was released in 2012 but is dated 2013. The front of the Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz features Queen Elizabeth II with the legal tender value and the date minted. The back of the Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz features the Canadian Antelope, its purity (9999 pure) and its weight (1 oz). All coins in the 6 coin series offer advantages: (1) Because the Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz is minted and guaranteed as to weight and purity by the Royal Canadian Mint it is recognized and accepted as a world standard. This allows dealers to post daily buy and sell prices on these 1 oz coins which follow the world price of silver. (2) The Royal Canadian Mint limited production of the Antelope to one million coins. This number is small enough to produce collector demand but large enough so the premium over spot is low and attractive to the bullion investor. (3) The Canadian Silver Wildlife Antelope 1 oz is a pure silver coin with no alloy and so allows investors to figure price easily. (4) The Royal Canadian Mint designed a hard plastic tube which holds 25 coins and snaps tightly shut so safe storage is convenient. The Canadian Mint also designed a virtually indestructible Monster Box which holds 20 tubes (500 coins), stacks nicely, and travels easily coast to coast. All coins in the Wildlife Series are immensely popular with investors when available. Finally there is no reporting requirement (Federal Form 1099B) for this bullion coin when you purchase or sell keeping paperwork to a minimum.

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