Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz

Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz

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Gross Weight: 1 troy oz
Fineness: .9999 pure
Silver Content:
  1 troy oz
Diameter: 1.50 “



Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz

The Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz belongs to a new Royal Canadian Mint series which will see four coins released over the next two years. Each in the series contains 1 pure oz of fine silver (9999) which is manufactured using the highest production standards in the business.

The Royal Canadian Mint is internationally recognized for purity and minting detail so these sparkling 1 oz silver coins are easy to price, very liquid either in buying or selling and directly follow the worldwide price of silver.

The Royal Canadian Mint has done a fine job at highlighting the Bald Eagle and the Queen on this pure silver coin. Both are brilliant against a matte coin surface creating a beautiful cameo that is stunning in look and design.

Queen Elisabeth II is featured on the front of the Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz coin as well as its legal tender value ($5) and the date of manufacture.

The legal tender value is largely symbolic but adds a special plus to the Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz coin and singles it out as being produced by a sovereign nation. This guarantee by the Royal Canadian Mint as to purity and weight is also a big plus for silver bullion investors worldwide.

The reverse of the Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz coin features the Bald Eagle with outstretched wings and talons. It also includes these inscriptions: CANADA – FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR

This beautifully made Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz coin falls into the category of “limited edition” bullion products. The Royal Canadian Mint will limit production of the Bald Eagle and while this coin is primarily a silver bullion choice the limited production does add an extra plus to investors.

The Canadian Silver Bald Eagle 1 oz coin is available in virtually indestructible white plastic tubes which hold 25 mint coins with blue seal tight tops. also carries the famous Bald Eagle Monster Box of 500 1 oz coins. This beautiful blue custom box contains 20 tubes of 25 coins each and can be safely shipped anywhere in the country because of its unique and rugged design.

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Weight1 oz

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