Silver Kangaroo 1 oz

Silver Kangaroo 1 oz

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(mini monster boxes contain 250 coins)

Gross Weight: 1 troy oz
Fineness: .9999 pure
Silver Content:
  1 troy oz
Diameter: 1.6″


Silver Kangaroo 1 oz

Silver is often talked about as an industrial metal because it has many uses in technology, medical science and environmental protection. And as the world industry grows the need for silver increases and may push prices higher. Its investment value has also brought increasing attention since the use of silver in US coinage was discontinued in 1964. Today many people see silver as real money and a store of value which is why the Silver Kangaroo 1 oz is becoming so popular.Silver Kangaroo 1 oz

The Silver Kangaroo 1 oz is a new edition to the long line of precious metal products produced by the world famous Perth Mint and promises to become one of the most popular 1 oz silver bullion coins in production today.

Silver Kangaroo 1 oz

The Silver Kangaroo 1 oz is beautifully finished and includes a number of new security features added to both the coin itself and its new packaging.

The Silver Kangaroo 1 oz produced by the Perth Mint contains the following identification: The front of this new silver bullion coin displays a picture of Queen Elizabeth and the lettering around the queen is as follows: ELIZABETH II followed by AUSTRALIA, a small circle and 1 DOLLAR followed by another small circle.

It is important to note that this coin has a legal tender value of one dollar which is largely symbolic because of its silver content but such designation by a sovereign nation provides international status in trading.

The lettering around the queen is struck against a finely designed matte background which provides one of the finest security features in the business – and the matte/mirror result is beautiful in the bargain.

The back of this silver bullion coin uses the same security feature and you will see the words AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO followed by 2016, 1 oz, 9999 SILVER. At the center of the reverse is the familiar red kangaroo surrounded by rays of sunlight. The interplay between the matte and mirror surfaces gives the coin an added elegant dimension and its reeded edge is finely executed.

Silver Kangaroo 1 oz

The presentation of this new bullion coin is also extraordinary. It comes in protective acrylic tubes of 25 coins and there are 10 tubes to an original box making for the first mini-monster box containing 250 coins. This innovation makes for easer handing, each acrylic tube is sealed with the Perth Mint’s tamper evident security seal, and the new box has a transparent top so the consumer can see what is being delivered without opening the box.

The Silver Kangaroo 1 oz is popular for other reasons: (1) its 1 ounce weight is easily handled and the new mini-monster box can be safely stored in bank deposit boxes. (2) The Silver Kangaroo 1 oz makes valuation simple because this bullion coin moves directly with the price of silver so and other large dealers post daily buy and sell prices. (3) The Silver Kangaroo 1 oz is produced by the world famous Perth Mint, a big advantage because it guarantees the most exacting quality standards. (4) The Silver Kangaroo 1 oz produced by the Perth Mint  is acceptable for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

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