Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Piece

Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Piece

Looking for a combination of rarity and confiscation protection?
The Saint Gaudens is America’s most beautiful gold coin and a best choice for those who want
to add to their gold holdings and include a rarity advantage.

This is the story of a virtually overlooked investment in gold. An opportunity which identifies one of the world’s most prized gold coins that may offer more profit potential than bullion, works well as a diversification and protects against government intrusion.

Saint Gaudens

We hope this opening statement will point you to one of the best values on the market today. There is little doubt that what we are suggesting will not only be profitable as gold moves higher, it will protect you against a falling dollar and provide the liquidity needed anytime you decide the time is right.


We believe the $20 Saint Gaudens in higher grades is destined to move higher because of a combination of rarity, increasing demand, decreasing availability and intrinsic gold content. Many collectors and investors realize that this coin often ranks among their first choices and is a natural first step considering it has defined private wealth for generations.

Consider two time periods related to PCGS graded MS64 (Choice Uncirculated) and MS65 (Gem Uncirculated).

  1. These particular grades experienced an absurd-increase in value between 1978 and 1980. This time frame provides evidence of how investors turned crisis into profits, as higher grade US gold coins moved dramatically higher in price.

  2. Since 1986 the grading process suggests the availability of PCGS graded MS64 and MS65 Saints is less than 1% of original mintages. And premiums over melt value are the lowest we have seen in decades. Both factors suggest a value buy makes sense.


  1. The Saint Gaudens is one of the most universally owned gold coins ever minted, creating phenomenal demand in this country and abroad; great collectors, wealthy royalty and government treasuries own the Saint Gaudens. While foreign powers do store bullion, they also keep reserves in US $20 gold pieces because they know this coin is not easily replaced.

  2. Have you ever really looked at one of these coins — studied it? We have seen virtually every coin produced by the United States and the Saint Gaudens design with its beautiful relief, is the most majestic. The public will buy this coin because its is undervalued but many more will reinforce this trend because of its beauty, its weight and its history.

  3. Every $20 Saint Gaudens contains nearly one ounce of pure gold, so while it is not a bullion coin it is watched by the world wide gold trade. This coin exploits rarity and demand from a well-established collector and investor market.

  4. The United States $20 gold piece is a rare coin despite its low premium and not subject to reporting requirements associated with some bullion coins. It is also a favorite choice of those who worry about US gold confiscation.

  5. Take advantage of this crazy price compression. We watch gold pricing patterns carefully because they produce trading clues – the premium compression here should be telling you something. The contrarian investor recognizes the pricing of this series has been compressed to the lower end of its trading range. Who knows how long these bargain prices will last – but opportunity is knocking.

Finally hand selection is big with us, in fact we only sell those PCGS $20 Saints which are in the upper half of the grading range. That means you get coins with a little extra sparkle, but no extra charge. It’s our way of saying we appreciate the business. Your questions are welcomed so call for more information. We will provide straightforward answers – all before you spend one dime.

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PCGS MS64 Saint-Gaudens
$1450.00 Each
5 Or More: $1425.00 Each

PCGS MS65 Saint-Gaudens
5 Or More: $1625.00 Each