Walking Liberty Half Dollars – An Investment Opportunity

Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Time Honored Classics
The Short & Long Set 1934-1947


We have been interested in the early silver coinage of the 20th Century for years because of the unique designs and the historical importance of an era when our national coinage was made out of silver. In particular we have studied high-grade Walking Liberty half dollars because the series offers a number of important advantages:

First, while Walking Liberty Half Dollars are old, they are not so early as to make finding high grade examples impossible. Second, with the advent of independent grading reliable pricing information is assured, making buy or sell decisions easy. Third, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar front (obverse) and back (reverse) are beautiful – symbolic and tied to American history.

History & Why Grading Is Key

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar series replaced the Barber Series in 1916 for two reasons. First, Barbers had been produced for 25 years and were no longer protected by statutory lease.Walking Liberty Half Dollar Second, the public pressured the Treasury to produce coins that were an example of “beauty and art to all its citizens”. A contest was held and the Commission of Fine Arts chose Weinman’s design for the Walking Liberty half dollar.

Mr. Weinman’s comments are important: “The design of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar bears a full-length figure of Liberty, the folds of the stars and stripes flying in the breeze as a background, progressing in full stride toward the dawn of a new day, carrying branches of laurel and oaks, symbolic of civil and military glory. The hand of the figure is outstretched in bestowal of the spirit of Liberty. The reverse of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar shows an eagle perched high upon a mountain crag, his wings unfolded, fearless in spirit and conscious of his power. Springing from a rift in the rock is a sapling of Mountain Pine symbolic of America”.

The Walking Liberty half dollar was struck from 1916 through 1947. As such, investing and collecting (that’s the fun part) falls into two areas: The more popular Short Set, meaning all the dates and mint-marks struck between 1941 and 1947 (20 coins). And as you advance consider adding the dates and mint marks from 1934 through 1940 – which turns the Short Set into a Long Set.

The key to success in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar series lies with choosing the correct grade or condition which is measured on the Sheldon Scale from 1 to 70. After some consideration we believe MS65 (Gem Uncirculated) examples are the best choice because rarity increases dramatically yet prices remain affordable.

Reasons The Walking Liberty Half Dollar Makes Sense

1. We believe that of the original Walking Liberty Half Dollar mintage’s less than 1% has been graded PCGS MS65 so dealers have limited inventory. This availability could translate into higher prices at any time given that the public rediscovers this overlooked area. Silver dollar production was halted in 1935, which means this half dollar was used extensively in commerce limiting today’s mint state examples.

2. Major auction houses feature this coin because of its extensive collector base and wide appeal.

3. And our guess is that only about 10% of rare coin buyers are active traders meaning the other 90% work at accumulating a position and rarely consider selling. The corollary is simply that over time less of the Walking Liberty Half Dollars come on the market.

4. Inflation is not in the headlines today but with our government’s unprecedented spending it is only a matter of time. Many believe high grade rare coins are an excellent inflation fighter because the aggressive inflation of the 1970’s saw unprecedented price increases.

5. There is a possibility that rare coins will once again be allowed in Individual Retirement Accounts. If this happens these high grade certified rare coins could stay off the market for decades, dramatically shrinking supply.

6. Now compare the Walking Liberty half dollar in PCGS MS-65 to other less respectable choices in the $100 to $300 price range and its integrity can be seen in Technicolor. The most important aspect of this investment is the inexpensive entry point. Many MS-65 Walking Liberty Half Dollars are priced so low that any new investor can build a meaningful collection.

The Advantages of “Set” Investing

1. Walkers can be accumulated one at a time with the idea of forming a set – a wonderful approach because an inherent plan is part of the process. You could purchase the complete set but the fact that anyone can begin a set is a plus to everyone who owns a set.

2. There is something inherently complete and valuable about sets and practically there are only two choices: In silver the Walking Liberty Half Dollar Set (Short and Long) and in gold the $2 ½ Indian Set (15 coins) both present superb long term potential.

What To Do Now?

1. Call toll free (1-800-225-7531) with questions and we will offer insight including potential pitfalls because even the best coin choices involve some risk. Keep in mind that our pricing list is only a reference. We rarely have all coins for two reasons: First, while the technical grade of MS65 is guaranteed by PCGS we only choose examples which fall into the higher end of the range. Second, these chosen coins must be blast-white in color. This attention to detail does not cost more but informed buyers know “eye appeal” is like cash in the bank.

2. There is nothing which can replace holding these beautiful coins in your hands – so here is our Risk-Free Offer: If you believe, as we do, that these 20th Century silver coins represent a great opportunity inquire about availability. There is no obligation and this will allow us to custom fit this investment to your needs regardless of budget. If you decide to place an order we pay for shipping and insurance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and if you are not delighted simply return the coins within 7 days for a complete no-questions-asked refund.

The Short Set Contains These 20 Coins

Walking Lib Half Dollar1941-PPCGSMS65$105
Walking Lib Half Dollar1941-DPCGSMS65$125
Walking Lib Half Dollar1941-SPCGSMS65$575
Walking Lib Half Dollar1942-PPCGSMS65$105
Walking Lib Half Dollar1942-DPCGSMS65$180
Walking Lib Half Dollar1942-SPCGSMS65$320
Walking Lib Half Dollar1943-PPCGSMS65$100
Walking Lib Half Dollar1943-DPCGSMS65$175
Walking Lib Half Dollar1943-SPCGSMS65$230
Walking Lib Half Dollar1944-PPCGSMS65$110
Walking Lib Half Dollar1944-DPCGSMS65$105
Walking Lib Half Dollar1944-SPCGSMS65$295
Walking Lib Half Dollar1945-PPCGSMS65$105
Walking Lib Half Dollar1945-DPCGSMS65$110
Walking Lib Half Dollar1945-SPCGSMS65$110
Walking Lib Half Dollar1946-PPCGSMS65$110
Walking Lib Half Dollar1946-DPCGSMS65$110
Walking Lib Half Dollar1946-SPCGSMS65$110
Walking Lib Half Dollar1947-PPCGSMS65$120
Walking Lib Half Dollar1947-DPCGSMS65$120


The Long Set Contains These 19 Additional Coins

Walking Lib Half Dollar1934-PPCGSMS65$300
Walking Lib Half Dollar1934-DPCGSMS65$1,050
Walking Lib Half Dollar1934-SPCGSMS65$2,700
Walking Lib Half Dollar1935-PPCGSMS65$240
Walking Lib Half Dollar1935-DPCGSMS65$1,700
Walking Lib Half Dollar1935-SPCGSMS65$2,100
Walking Lib Half Dollar1936-PPCGSMS65$190
Walking Lib Half Dollar1936-DPCGSMS65$425
Walking Lib Half Dollar1936-SPCGSMS65$600
Walking Lib Half Dollar1937-PPCGSMS65$150
Walking Lib Half Dollar1937-DPCGSMS65$675
Walking Lib Half Dollar1937-SPCGSMS65$525
Walking Lib Half Dollar1938-PPCGSMS65$275
Walking Lib Half Dollar1938-DPCGSMS65$1,175
Walking Lib Half Dollar1939-PPCGSMS65$160
Walking Lib Half Dollar1939-DPCGSMS65$140
Walking Lib Half Dollar1939-SPCGSMS65$225
Walking Lib Half Dollar1940-PPCGSMS65$140
Walking Lib Half Dollar1940-SPCGSMS65$300