Rare Coin Inventory

Rare Coin Inventory

Early certified rare coins offer balance to your core bullion holdings.
Here are a few suggestions, please confirm availability and price. Pictures available upon request.
Call (800) 225-7531 for more information. And your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Nova Constellatio Pointed Rays1785PCGSXF40$800
Massachusetts Cent (Horn)1787PCGSAU50$2,500
New Jersey (Outline)1787PCGSXF40$850
Washington Success Medal (Small Plain)No DatePCGSAU50$1,500

1c Large Cent1851PCGSMS66BN$1,400
1c Large Cent – Slanted 51856NGCMS65BN$675

1c Lincoln Cent1909 S VDBPCGSMS65RB$2900

3c Nickel1882PCGS/CACPR65$500

25c Standing Lib Quarter1917-DPCGSMS65FH$1,450

50c Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle1803PCGSVF20$1,100
50c Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle1805PCGS/CACVF25$1,250
50c Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle1806PCGSVF35$1,000

50c Barber Half Dollar1900PCGSMS65$2,250

50c Barber Half Dollar – Proof – 651903NGCPF65$2,050

50c Barber Half Dollar1912-DPCGSMS64$1,050
50c Barber Half Dollar – Proof – 651912NGCPF65$2,054

50c Walking Lib Half Dollar1941-SPCGSMS65$545

50c Walking Lib Half Dollar – Proof – 671942PCGSPR67/CAC$840

50c Walking Lib Half Dollar1942-DPCGSMS66$260
Walking Liberty Short Set (20 coins)1941-1947PCGSMS65$2,900

$1 Flowing Hair – Three Leaves Large Eagle1795PCGSVF35/CAC$7800

$1 Flowing Hair Large Eagle1798PCGSVF20$2,600
$1 Flowing Hair Large Eagle1798PCGSVF30$2,700
$1 Flowing Hair Large Eagle1799PCGSVF35$2,900
$1 Flowing Hair Large Eagle1799PCGSVF25$2,600

$1 Morgan Dollar1878-CCPCGSMS65$1,500
$1 Morgan Dollar1879-OPCGSMS65$2,600
$1 Morgan Dollar1882PCGS/CACMS65$370
$1 Morgan Dollar1882-OPCGSMS65$800
$1 Morgan Dollar1882-OPCGSMS65$800
$1 Morgan Dollar1883-CCPCGSMS66$800
$1 Morgan Dollar1884PCGSMS65$255
$1 Morgan Dollar1884PCGSMS65$255
$1 Morgan Dollar1885-CCPCGSMS65$975
$1 Morgan Dollar1888PCGSMS65$180
$1 Morgan Dollar1888-OPCGSMS65$400
$1 Morgan Dollar1888-OPCGSMS65$400
$1 Morgan Dollar1888-OPCGSMS65$400
$1 Morgan Dollar1890-OPCGSMS65$1,450
$1 Morgan Dollar1898PCGSMS65$170

$1 Peace Dollar – High Relief1921PCGSMS65$1,650

$1 Peace Dollar1922-DPCGSMS65$500
$1 Peace Dollar1922-SPCGSMS65$1,500
$1 Peace Dollar1935PCGSMS65$625

$1 Dollar Type 11851PCGSMS64$700
$1 Dollar Type 11853PCGSMS65$2100
$1 Dollar Type 11853PCGSMS65$2100
$1 Dollar Type 11853PCGSMS65$2100
$2.5 Indian Head1910PCGSMS63$700
$2.5 Indian Head1912PCGSMS63$900
$3 Indian Princess1878PCGSMS64$4,600
$5 Indian Head1909-DPCGSMS64$1,900
$5 Indian Head1913PCGSMS65$7,700

$20 Liberty Head – Type One1857-SNGCAU53$2,100
$20 Liberty Head – Type One1861-SPCGSXF45$2,000
$20 Liberty Head – Type Two1871-SNGCAU55$1,550
$20 Liberty Head – Open Three1873PCGSAU55$1,550
$20 Liberty Head – Type Two1875-SPCGSAU55$1,550

$20 Liberty Head1904PCGSMS65$2,750

$20 St Gaudens H/R Wire1907PCGSMS64$26,500

$20 Saint Gaudens – Wells Fargo1908-NMPCGSMS67$5,600
$20 Saint Gaudens1911-DPCGSMS65$2,300
$20 Saint Gaudens1914-DPCGSMS65$2,200

$25 Isabella Quarter1893PCGSMS65$1,190

50c Iowa Commem1946PCGSMS65$130
50c Oregon Commem1933-DPCGSMS65$525
50c Rhode Island Commem1936-SPCGSMS65$175
50c San Diego Commem1936-DPCGSMS65$140
50c Wisconsin Commem1936PCGSMS65$210

$1 McKinley Gold Commem1916PCGSMS64$550
$2.5 Sesquicentennial Gold Commem1926PCGSMS64$650
$2.5 Sesquicentennial Gold Commem1926PCGSMS64$650


What does a model portfolio consisting of certified rare coins graded by either PCGS or NGC look like? There are many variations and the above selection represents what we hope will be an interesting beginning. If you are looking for something more specific either call us toll free (1-800-225-7531) and ask for a check of our complete inventory or email richard@golddealer.com. I will add your interest area to my Want List – there is never any obligation and I’m happy to help or answer questions.

In the meantime consider three reasons as to why placing hard asset money into this area makes sense:
Certified Rare Coins
First, certified coins offer folks an alternative to storing wealth which also protects against 3rd party intrusion.

Second, certified rare coins offer financial privacy, investment potential and can be historically fascinating.

Third, we believe many certified rare coins are undervalued.

The bullion portion of your hard asset portfolio is simply a choice of bullion coins or bars. But what about the choice of certified rare coins when it comes to investment balance? We offer a few rules to get you started.


Which certified rare coins should you consider for long-term investment? In fact no person knows for sure, but there are parameters, which will lead you in the right direction. Look for coins which interest you – the more interest the more enjoyment – an added benefit. Early type, colonial coins, patterns, or better date silver dollars are a good start.


Rarity by itself is not the best way to approach this unique area. Rarity is good, but if there is no demand for a coin its rarity will be of little value. Link rarity with demand. Many certified coins are rare, but their popularity is what pushes their price dynamic.


It is important that your certified coins are graded by PCGS (The Professional Coin Grading Service) or NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). This enhances liquidity and evaluation. Rare coins are graded using the Sheldon Scale from 1 to 70. The higher the number the better the condition and usually the more elusive the coin. As rarity and popularity increase so does price so look of a balance between rarity and affordability.


Certified rare coins with an interesting story are better choices. Stories and the history behind them are important because they bring these treasures to life. The more compelling the story the better the opportunity to build your valuable holdings.


The price history of certified coins will tell you where in the cycle you are and provide clues which lead to good decisions. People who have a strategy are better equipped because they develop a long-term plan taking advantage of “up” and “down” markets. They do their homework and choose attractive early rare coins. Past performance does not guarantee future results but it’s a good place to begin.


Like stocks some rare coins today can be purchased for less than their old highs which might indicate that a value buy is appropriate. On the other hand there are coins which are trading on their highs, not that we would dismiss these possibilities, but we want to identify both sides of the spectrum so you can balance your holdings.

Follow the “50 year rule” – because it keeps you focused. Never invest in a rare coin which is not at least fifty years old because without an established record the outcome becomes unpredictable. Choose “coins of significance” and stay away from modern issues and certified bullion coins – there are better choices.

Building a powerful collection creates a journey through history and is fun to boot – but requires patience. If you have a bunch of “old stuff” consider consolidating into “better” material with a theme. And read a few rare coin books along the way. There is an old adage in this trade which says “buy the book before the coin” – the more you know the better your results will become.