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If you are considering buying bullion, please take some time and visit the bullion page for our buy and sell prices on a wide range of products. These prices are live quotes in real time and so will change throughout the day. Our business hours on the phone are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST Monday-Friday. Our business hours in the store are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST Monday-Friday. We are closed on the weekends and holidays.

If you would like more information about buying bullion products, call us toll free (1-800-225-7531). Asking questions about our pricing, the size of your transaction or the possibility of a backorder is a good way to help you understand the process. If you are a new customer, your rep can help set your account.

If you have a Vendor Account this is a good time to check the name or names on your account, your mailing address, email and daytime telephone number. You can also add information about your delivery preference.

When buying precious metals from us we have no minimum but orders over $500 include free shipping and insurance.  Anything below $500 will have a $20 shipping fee added to it.   Please check your state for specifics on precious metals taxes here – state sales tax requirements.

If your order is less than $25,000.00 your personal check is the most convenient form of payment. We ask that your payment be sent when you place the order and received by GoldDealer in a timely manner. When you order both sides agree that your price quote is “locked in” when you receive your Computer Confirmation Number. You and GoldDealer agree to honor that price, no matter how the pricing of that product may change while the order is processed.

Make your personal check out to California Numismatic Investments, CNI or and note your Computer Confirmation Number at the bottom of your check. Your payment should be sent when you place the order for accounting to honor the trade. We usually ship within 10 business days unless your product is backordered, or you have chosen the delayed delivery.

If the order exceeds $25,000.00 a bank wire is required. And the funds must be in our account before trading can lock in your “buy price”. Your service representative will make sure you have our wiring instructions before the trade is made, and you will receive a confirming email.

Your order is always mailed fully insured. And most often shipped using FedEx. If the United States Post Office is more to your liking, make sure your rep notes this preference on your invoice. Your product is professionally wrapped in a way as to not suggest contents and could arrive in more than one package depending on value and product weight.

If the postman tries to deliver when you’re not home, he will leave a pink notice. You can sign for the package at the post office. FedEx will try to redeliver your package 3 times if you are not home. In either case ID and signature must match the invoice to take possession.

Whether you choose FedEx or the USPS real time tracking links are provided with your invoice confirmation. Should you have additional questions about your order in transit call us with your confirmation number – we are always happy to help.

If you have additional questions call us directly (1-800-225-7531). Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.