PCGS & NGC Certification

Hello, this is Richard Schwary, President of California Numismatic Investments. And I thought a few words about the importance of third party grading would help in understanding how rare coins are priced and traded worldwide. The idea of using world class independent graders to certify coins as to condition or grade has turned out to be a foundational step forward in understanding the rare coin pricing market. This process was commercially accepted by the coin industry in 1986 when PCGS (The Professional Coin Grading Service) began certifying and sealing rare coins in specialized tamper proof holders. The idea was also adopted by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) and today these two services are recognized world authorities in the certification process. Offering unparalleled expertise where condition is a critical part of valuation.

In the early days of certification PCGS and NGC only specialized in grading rare coins but their recognized expertise was soon demanded in other disciplines. Today both companies provide valuable expert opinion for a wide variety of collectibles.

California Numismatic Investments (GoldDealer.com) has been an authorized PCGS and NGC dealer for decades. And we always look forward to answering questions you may have regarding rare coin certification, pricing, populations and suitability for certification. The cost of this important service can vary considerably depending on valuation and turnaround time.

Both services offer less expensive “economy” rates for coins of lesser value. The time for processing in this tier could take several months. You will enjoy a much faster turnaround using their regular submission tier but the process is more expensive. They also offer a special service for rarities and the cost of certification depends on the coin’s value. The turnaround time for rarities can vary from several days to a week if you submit your coins while attending a major show. PCGS and NGC regularly take tables at larger coin shows and talk with the public directly about new programs or changes in submission rules. Their representatives are very welcoming and will sometimes offer a free grading opinion if time allows.

Our CFO Ed Hom (1-800-225-7531) is responsible for submitting your coins to PCGS or NGC. And can offer valuable tips if you decide to submit coins directly to the grading services. Which has become popular over the past few years. If you would like a written answer to your certification question, contact me directly using  Ask An Expert and have a blessed day.