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Welcome to Our Almost Famous Gold Newsletter with Richard Schwary, written regularly after the CME close. This commentary will look at the gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets and consider what happened to create these changes on the trading floor. It will also offer world class commentary from other sources in a balanced and straightforward manner.

Gold Newsletter with Richard Schwary

This Almost Famous Gold Newsletter is not designed to sell products or hype markets. It will offer an opinion about market direction from an old time bullion dealer with 50 years of physical trading experience.

Our Almost Famous Gold Newsletter may include talk about premiums, why they change and how this drives public choice. On occasion we remind readers to be careful about “so-called” bullion products offered by telemarketers who should be ashamed of themselves.

In a world which has been turned on its head with currency expansion Our Almost Famous Gold Newsletter is finding a niche among precious metals readers looking for something fun, useful and not too serious.

Of course the Gold Newsletter is free and you can sign up using the form below. We promise you will not be accosted with “Special Deals”, immediate get-rich schemes or telephone calls trying to sell you something you don’t want under the guise of something you can’t live without. We are proud to say we do not employ telemarketers – everyone is salaried. And each representative is eager to actually answer your questions while providing the best bullion prices. The site is encrypted, we do not use cookies and no personal information is ever released, sold or fiddled with – a refreshing change in today’s world.

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    The Gold Newsletter Week in Review

    Gold – All Time Highs!

    Gold – All Time Highs! Commentary for Friday, April 12, 2024 ( – Today gold closed up $1.40 at $2356.20, and silver closed up $0.08 at $28.26. You would not think now is the time for the price of gold to become unstable, but reading the tea leaves correctly always requires a bit of wisdom and good […]

    Gold – Another Amazing Week

    Gold – Another Amazing Week Commentary for Friday, April 5, 2024 – Today gold closed up $36.90 at $2325.70, and silver closed up $0.26 at $27.40. The price of gold soared four of the five days this week making new highs on Friday. This jump has caught everyone by surprise because the price of gold faded […]

    Gold – Optimistic!

    Gold – Optimistic! Commentary for Thursday, March 28, 2024 ( – Today gold closed up $26.80 at $2217.40, and silver closed up $0.17 at $24.80. This has been another great week for metals. Higher prices, more positive buzz and larger physical buy orders suggest an optimistic outlook. And perhaps even higher prices over the longer term. Of […]

    Gold – The Fed Turns Dovish

    Gold – The Fed Turns Dovish Commentary for Friday, March 22, 2024 ( – Today gold closed down $24.30 at $2158.10, and silver closed down $0.16 at $24.69. This is a great week to realize that the Fed’s monetary policy remains complex and full of contradictions. Early weekly gains in gold have turned into a profit taking […]

    Gold – Raising or Lowering?

    Gold – Raising or Lowering? Commentary for Friday, March 15, 2024 ( – Today gold closed down $5.70 at $2157.30, and silver closed up $0.33 at $25.20. As is typical these days, the gold bulls and gold bears have delt with cross winds all week. The bulls will have to turn logic on its head, believing this […]

    Gold – A Remarkable Week

    Gold – A Remarkable Week Commentary for Friday, March 8, 2024 ( – Today gold closed up $20.60 at $2178.60, and silver closed down $0.03 at $24.34. The gold bulls have reasons to smile this week, beginning with a solid technical picture being that prices have risen 5 trading days in a row! And while I’m usually […]

    Gold – A Bullish Friday

    Gold – A Bullish Friday Commentary for Friday, March 1, 2024 ( – Today gold closed up $41.20 at $2086.90, and silver closed up $0.48 at $23.15 . While gold opened choppy today it quickly moved past 4 week highs, surprising even insiders with higher prices and increased enthusiasm. This latest move is a big deal in […]

    Gold – The “No Hurry” Fed

    Gold – The “No Hurry” Fed Commentary for Friday, Feb 23, 2024 ( – Today gold closed up $18.90 at $2038.60, and silver closed up $0.20 at $22.97. Gold surprised even insiders today as it threatened $2040.00 out of the clear blue sky. Perhaps this strong finish will remind us of the popular 1930 story by Watty […]