Precious Metals For Your IRA

Precious Metals For Your IRA

If you are thinking of using a portion of your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) funds to purchase precious metals why not consider storage at one of the world’s finest independent depositories. The CNT Depository, Inc. is approved by CME Group as an Exchange Licensed Storage Facility and Exchange Licensed Weighmaster deliverable against the COMEX Futures Silver Contract. With this distinction, CNT Depository, Inc. is one of six Exchanged Licensed Storage Facilities and one of only two facilities that are approved for both storage and as an Exchange Licensed for silver according to CME Group.

Secure Storage of Your Independent Retirement Account

Buying precious metals for your IRA has become a popular way of diversifying your retirement funds. Many financial planners recommend inclusion of the precious metals for your IRA to protect against inflation and offer an additional layer of protection against government intrusion into personal finance.

The procedure used to place precious metals in your IRA is simple in that a third party administrator is selected because individuals are not allowed to take physical possession of the precious metals. The choice of an independent institution like New Direction Trust Company serves as your escrow account.

They clear funds and insure the attending dealer ships product to the depository. There are however other choices: (1) New Direction Trust Company(877) 742-1270. (2) GoldStar (800) 228-8825. (3) Equity Trust (Sterling) (254) 751-1505.

We prefer New Direction Trust Company (CNT) and you will find the necessary paperwork at the bottom of this page under New Direction Trust Company (pdf file). Call them directly (877) 742-1270 and mail the signed appropriate paperwork as directed.

This will create your New Direction Trust Company IRA account and name as your broker of record. New Direction Trust Company will also provide with a list of IRA approved precious metals. Once your account is created and funded you are ready to proceed.

When buying precious metals for your IRA, contact (800) 225-7531 and tell us what precious metal you would like in your IRA account. We quote the specific product of your choice and lock in the price. We then fax you a confirmation of the trade; you sign the document and forward it to New Direction Trust Company which authorizes payment to

We ship to the CNT Depository under your IRA’s name at no additional cost. While buying precious metals for your IRA may seem complicated it is simple and protects you as a consumer.

Should you decide to sell your IRA position simply call with your intention: your bullion is then purchased by and the money is again placed in your IRA.

The advantage of this type of retirement action is that the precious metal can be bought or sold over the phone by calling us toll free 1-800-225-7531 saving you the time and expense of shipping and insurance.

Click Here for the New Direction Trust Company Information Packet.

Click Here for the New Direction IRA Depository Form.

If you would rather not download this information we will send you a Gold IRA Package. Please Email your request to Dana(Dana at GoldDealer dot com) or Sal (Sal at GoldDealer dot com) or call them toll free 1-800-225-7531.