Risk Disclosure

Read Carefully. Consult More Than One Source Before
Deciding What Best Suits Your Needs 

Risk disclosure is an important first step in understanding the world of buying and selling precious metals or rare coins. The second step is realizing that the precious metal and rare coin pricing markets are highly random and can move in opposite directions. At times price trends in these unique asset classes are inflation driven and sometimes inflation trends are ignored for decades. To complicate matters prices vary considerably from dealer to dealer. So it pays to shop around. Due diligence is part of being well informed and a must for good stewardship. 

Risk Disclosure

Buying or selling precious metals and rare coins involve a high degree of risk because pricing is volatile. You could profit in a rising market or lose money in a falling market. And “premiums” move up or down quickly, driven by demand or mint production policies. Our live “bid” and “ask” prices are “indications” only, provided for your investing convenience. All trades must be confirmed by phone with a live trader. Your representative will then provide an Invoice (if you are buying from us) or Purchase Order (if we are buying from you). Please examine the details carefully to make sure all information is correct and to your satisfaction.

No one, including California Numismatic Investments (GoldDealer.com), knows what the future may hold. These markets can quickly trend higher or lower in price. Sometimes they confound the experts by moving sideways for extended periods of time. The good news is that our representatives have years of experience, are not commissioned and look forward to helping with your questions. They do not however offer investment, tax or legal advice as stated on the bottom of your invoice.  

Because of volatile pricing and other factors related to the movement, insurance and storage of precious metals and rare coins they may not be suitable for all individuals. We therefore suggest you consult an independent financial planner or professional tax advisor before proceeding. Please do not place a “buy” or “sell” order unless you understand and accept these changing risks.  

If you have questions or concerns please e-mail Ask An Expert before proceeding. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.