Independent Precious Metal Storage

Independent Precious Metal Storage

Thinking about private gold storage or silver storage?
The and CNT business relationship offers you
unmatched storage security at affordable prices.

The advantages of secure, independent precious metal storage are numerous and begin with personal convenience. Audit and security are unparalleled because storage is Comex approved and insured by Lloyds of London. Each account is name and product specific meaning there are no pooled accounts.

Once you have created the account simply call (1-800-225-7531) and we will execute and deliver under your instruction to one of the world’s finest depositories.

Another big advantage to independent precious metal storage is the elimination of shipping and insurance fees upon purchase or sale. The cost and inconvenience of packaging and insuring are eliminated because your holdings remain within the CNT Depository. Should you decide to take delivery the packaging and insurance charges are arranged through CNT. This secure arrangement also allows for loans to be made on product stored within the CNT facility.

You can add to your holdings with a simple toll free call to Should you decide to sell the transaction is completed over the phone in a few minutes. The paperwork on your independent precious metal storage is not complicated and your money is on the way to your bank account.

This convenient arrangement is especially suited to larger holdings especially when they consist of silver which can be difficult to move in large transactions. And fees for independent precious metal storage are modest and can be billed either monthly or quarterly.

The reason recommends this metals storage program in conjunction with CNT is because they offer one of the world’s finest depositories. The CNT Depository, Inc. is approved by CME Group as an Exchange Licensed Storage Facility and Exchange Licensed Weighmaster deliverable against the COMEX Futures Silver Contract. With this distinction, CNT Depository, Inc. is one of six Exchanged Licensed Storage Facilities and one of only two facilities that are approved for both storage and as an Exchange Licensed for silver according to 

To learn more about this world class program call us directly (1-800-225-7531). We have visited this secure storage facility and can explain how the storage works, include a few of their unique security features and explain why we believe the CNT Depository is one of the best independent storage choices in the country. The information on independent precious metal storage is free and there is no obligation. Click here to view the CNT Depository Brochure

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