What Are My Coins Worth?

What Are My Coins Worth?

Real Answers To Investment Questions about Rare Coins and Precious Metals

My name is Richard Schwary and for most of my life I have worked at helping the public answer this question: “What are my coins worth?” If you visit GoldDealer on a regular basis you may have already used source material I include under Ask an Expert

I enjoyed being a price contributor to the Red Book (A Guide Book of United States Coins by R.S. Yeoman) for many years and an Expert Witness in the State of California when it comes to precious metal and rare coin valuation. I am also a member of The Professional Numismatists Guild (#356) and proudly served as PNG President from 1997 through 1999.

Most of what I do in the context of “What are my coins worth?” is supply accurate pricing information. So welcome to one of the great places on the net to find an honest answer to questions about your precious metals or rare coins.what are my coins worth with Richard Schwary

Many of your price questions can be answered quickly if you supply a short coin description. Sometimes the coins are certified by PCGS or NGC and this makes for an easier answer especially if there is recent pricing information available. Sometimes a scan of your coin is necessary to get an accurate answer, but one thing is sure; with a small amount of homework on your part I can help you understand real value.

And there are those special situations: the value of a token, or banknote, or something you don’t recognize. Perhaps you need help with an industry grading term or phrase which might be confusing. No problem, just describe your situation and use my Email for a quick answer.

Perhaps your rare coin or banknote is rare and better suited to auction. I would be happy to explain a few simple rules which will save you money in auction fees and make sure you choose the right auction house.

If your question concerns the precious metals the answer is easier and it really does not matter if you are interested in selling precious metals or are just curios. The right pricing information allows for proper investment planning.

So when it comes to valuation consider using: “What are my coins worth?” The answers will save you time, money and sometimes keep you out of trouble.

Your questions are not published, you can expect a private answer quickly and you are under no obligation.

I also appreciate your time is valuable so if a toll free call (1-800-225-7531) is not on your agenda use my Email, my personal cell number (310) 200-4552 or fill out the form below

Thanks for reading and I look forward to answering your questions large or small.

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