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IRA Approved Bullion – Thinking about placing precious metal in your IRA account? Choosing the right precious metal dealer for your Individual Retirement Account is important because intelligent choices and better prices put more bullion into your IRA account. We can help you make this investment in your future safe, transparent and easy to figure.

The US government provides a comprehensive list of approved bullion products which can be placed into your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The most popular choices are approved products with the lowest premiums because they maximize your investment dollars.

If you are thinking of the well-known US gold eagle for example, it pays to understand there are two types available – less expensive bullion coins and more expensive proofs. Most folks choose less expensive bullion because they get much more for their money.

Our IRA Golden Rule #1 – Do the math yourself – don’t get side-tracked. You want and get as much “weight” as possible for each dollar invested.

Our IRA Golden Rule #2 – Avoid high premium or “certified” choices sold by some dealers and telemarketers under the guise of “rarity”. The typical markup on these so called rare coins can be ridiculous. If you are not sure and feel pressured to make a quick decision – stop and get another opinion. Honest dealers will always take the time to insure you are properly informed.

Predictable outcomes and no surprises are what you are looking for when it comes to choosing your IRA Approved Bullion. We have been helping clients with IRA accounts for decades. And our representatives do not work on commission which saves you money. Our goal is to provide straight forward answers which will help insure your IRA dollars are used to your best advantage.

So consider the approved choices below and call us toll free (1-800-225-7531) with questions large or small. We are happy to assist in getting you ready for IRA investing!

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Showing all 51 results