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Services at GoldDealer.comMARKET INSIGHT: How many times have you thought about a particular coin and wondered if that coin was right for you? Or perhaps you wanted more information about price history or profit potential. Is the market in general heading up, moving sideways or falling? Are you getting the best coin or are there better choices? Is your money being spent wisely? All of these questions fall under the broader category of market insight, and we are more than willing to discuss our feelings with you. So if you just want more information, are considering buying from us or anyone else and want our analysis, pick up the phone. We are here to help with friendly answers.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED AT CNI: We ship all over the country to satisfied customers, but suppose you open your package and are not happy with what you see? No problem. Just pick up the phone and we will show you how to safely ship to us for a complete refund. It’s just that simple but we do ask two reasonable favors. If your purchase is bullion, it is subject to daily market fluctuations. If your coins are PCGS certified we ask that you notify us within 7 days of receipt so we can keep our inventory balanced.

THE CNI MILLION DOLLAR INVENTORY: Our inventory of in-stock and ready for delivery coins is among the largest in the nation. We are Dun and Bradstreet rated and sell millions dollars in quality PCGS certified rare coins and bullion coins or bars each year. So you can inquire about virtually any certified rare coin or bullion product. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask. Chances are we can help and save you money in the process.

COMPETITIVE BUYING: We are just as interested in buying as we are in selling and have been competitive buyers of all bullion and rare coins (certified or not) for more than 37 years. That’s right, day in and day out, in rising markets and in falling markets we have publicly posted our buy and sell prices for everyone. If you have a million dollar collection, an accumulation, or a group of inexpensive coins we are interested and payment is immediate. When selling to us please ask if you have any questions about the proper packaging of your material. It must arrive at the CNI building in acceptable condition, wrapped securely and insured. Each package should contain a written record of what is inside, the purchase order number, your name, address and daytime phone number.

PREMIUM QUALITY, SIGHT-SEEN GRADING: If you consider certified rare coins you will learn the finest grading service is PCGS (The Professional Coin Grading Service) but not all certified material from this source is priced the same within a given grade. The marketplace now recognizes small differences in coins of the same grade and so there are two pricing standards which are used for PCGS graded coins: The first is called “sight-unseen” and pricing here is lower because this standard is used for the worst examples within a given grade. The second and more commonly seen standard is used for the best examples within the given grade and is called “sight-seen” pricing. This simply means the buying or selling dealer will carefully examine the coin in question and pay more for the coin if it is superior within the grade. At CNI our buy and sell prices are based on the “sight-seen” standard which means we examine all PCGS graded coins for professional eye appeal before we resell to the investing public.

FREE APPRAISALS: We welcome questions you may have concerning coins or banknotes. It makes no difference where you purchased the material. We also buy all coins, banknotes and related material and can provide a free appraisal in a short time, perhaps right over the phone.

AUTHORIZED PCGS SUBMISSION CENTER: The public is encouraged to submit their uncertified coins to PCGS for grading. If you are not sure whether your coin is worth grading just ask and we can help you understand when to grade and when to save your money. CNI has been an authorized submission center since PCGS began in 1986.

PROFESSIONAL RARE COIN COUNSEL: If you are having a problem concerning coins or coin investments why not give us a call? We can help with professional advice and a few suggestions. Each case is different and ultimately the choice is yours to make, but our years of experience can provide answers you may not have considered and there is never any cost or obligation.

ACCUMULATION PROGRAMS: If you are thinking about purchasing rare coins certified by The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) our Accumulation Program is a popular choice.

  • Advantage: You control the amount and frequency of your investment so the program is tailored. You can begin, change, or end it with a simple telephone call.
  • Advantage: This program has quietly built many exceptional portfolios, and because it was done on a regular, budgeted basis, most investors never missed the money.
  • Advantage: Because the Accumulation Plan takes place over a longer period of time natural investment cycles work for you.
  • Advantage: Because we have a sense of what you are looking for, it is easier to ensure you receive the best overall selection.
  • Advantage: The amount invested can be $100, $250, $500, $1000 or really anything that suits your needs. This means we have the opportunity to customize a program with you in mind. And it’s easy to get started! Just call an account executive.

AUTHENTICITY: California Numismatic Investments, Inc. guarantees all coins we sell to be authentic. We are so confident of our numismatic skills that should any coin sold by us prove not genuine we will refund your full original price.

RETURN PRIVILEGE: Because all precious metal and rare coin markets are subject to daily price movements we provide the following rules so we can maintain a balanced and hedged inventory: (1) We guarantee your complete satisfaction on any PCGS graded rare coin and back that guarantee with a no-questioned asked 7 day return policy and complete refund. (2) On all bullion related coins the public should understand that each day these markets fluctuate. Sometimes these changes can be dramatic so on bullion coins you are limited to selling your coins at our current bid price.

GRADING GUARANTEES: California Numismatic Investments specializes in selling the finest rare coins graded by PCGS (The Professional Coin Grading Service). We do not grade or regrade these coins, nor do we guarantee the PCGS grade because this would defeat the PCGS purpose of universal grading. That is why PCGS guarantees the grades of all encapsulated coins going through its service. Your copy of the PCGS guarantee and “Customer Bill Of Rights” is available through your account representative.

Independent Precious Metal Storage

Thinking about private gold storage or silver storage?
The and CNT business relationship offers you
unmatched storage security at affordable prices.

The advantages of secure, independent precious metal storage are numerous and begin with personal convenience. Audit and security are unparalleled because storage is Comex approved and insured by Lloyds of London. Each account is name and product specific meaning there are no pooled accounts.

Once you have created the account simply call (1-800-225-7531) and we will execute and deliver under your instruction to one of the world’s finest depositories.

Another big advantage to independent precious metal storage is the elimination of shipping and insurance fees upon purchase or sale. The cost and inconvenience of packaging and insuring are eliminated because your holdings remain within the CNT Depository. Should you decide to take delivery the packaging and insurance charges are arranged through CNT. This secure arrangement also allows for loans to be made on product stored within the CNT facility.

You can add to your holdings with a simple toll free call to Should you decide to sell the transaction is completed over the phone in a few minutes. The paperwork on your independent precious metal storage is not complicated and your money is on the way to your bank account.

This convenient arrangement is especially suited to larger holdings especially when they consist of silver which can be difficult to move in large transactions. And fees for independent precious metal storage are modest and can be billed either monthly or quarterly.

The reason recommends this metals storage program in conjunction with CNT is because they offer one of the world’s finest depositories. The CNT Depository, Inc. is approved by CME Group as an Exchange Licensed Storage Facility and Exchange Licensed Weighmaster deliverable against the COMEX Futures Silver Contract. With this distinction, CNT Depository, Inc. is one of six Exchanged Licensed Storage Facilities and one of only two facilities that are approved for both storage and as an Exchange Licensed for silver according to 

To learn more about this world class program call Ken Edwards directly (1-800-225-7531). Kenny has visited this secure storage facility and can explain how the storage works, include a few of their unique security features and explain why we believe the CNT Depository is one of the best independent storage choices in the country. The information on independent precious metal storage is free and there is no obligation. With some homework on your part you might find this is exactly what you are looking for in secure personal precious metal storage. Click here to view the CNT Depository Brochure

independent precious metal storage