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Sometimes in the fast pasted metals industry the word service, in the sense of its old time meaning gets lost in the transaction. There are services we offer that will first help you better understand this changing world. Even before you decide to buy or sell anything. The list below outlines a few of these special services and special arrangements that will make you a better informed consumer. And save you time and money in the process.

WHEN PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE MAKES SENSE: We believe that a bank safe deposit box is generally the best form of storage for the average buyer. But sometimes the use of independent or private storage is a good idea if your intension is to sell the material on the shorter term. This is especially true when considering larger silver bullion positions which are heavy and expensive to insure through the mail. Read about a special, insured service we have developed which may help you in your investment planning. Independent Storage

PRECIOUS METALS FOR YOUR IRA: Our clients are often excited – and sometimes surprised – to learn that they can actually hold physical, tangible precious metals, in safe storage for their benefit at retirement. Buying precious metals for your IRA has become a popular way of diversifying your retirement funds. Many economists and expert investors recommend holding tangible precious metals in your retirement account to potentially hedge against inflation, world turmoil, currency volatility and stock market uncertainties. Setting up a Self-Directed IRA is easy to do, and we are happy to assist in the process, wave all setup charges which saves you money. Click Here Read More.

AUTHORIZED PCGS and NGC SUBMISSION CENTER: The two premier grading services today are PCGS (The Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Grading Certification). We have been authorized dealers for decades. And are happy to answer your questions. The special service is a discount on grading fees. If you are not sure whether your coins are worth grading we will examine them free of charge and offer a grading opinion. this can helpful in making sure your graded coins was worth the grading fee. A typical early mistake in considering coin certification. In today’s world it is also popular to submit your rare coins directly to either service. We are happy to offer insight which will save you time and money.

FREE APPRAISALS: We welcome questions you may have concerning coins or banknotes. Certified or uncertified. It makes no difference where you purchased the material or how long ago we are happy to give you a ball park as to collection value. This is an important step in first evaluating and deciding on a selling strategy which will result in the sound knowledge that you received fair value for your collection. We also buy all coins, banknotes and related material and can provide a free appraisal in a short time, sometimes right over the phone.

Services at GoldDealer.comRARE COIN MARKET INSIGHT: How many times have you thought about a particular coin and wondered if that coin was right for you? Or perhaps you wanted more information about price history or profit potential. Is the market in general heading up, moving sideways or falling? Are you getting the best coin or are there better choices? Is your money being spent wisely? All of these questions fall under the category of market insight. Another potentially valuable service we offer to collectors or investors. If you want more analysis just pick up the phone. We are available to help with friendly answers. If our offices are closed or you want a written reply consider (Ask an Expect).

EXTENSIVE INVENTORY: Our inventory of in-stock and ready for delivery coins is among the largest in the nation – a service we have offered for almost 40 years.  Each year we buy and sell millions of dollars in quality bullion coins and bars along with PCGS and NGC certified rare coins. So you can inquire about virtually any certified rare coin or bullion product. We are also members of the largest dealer to dealer network in the United States. So chances are good that are we can help with a special order and save you money in the process.

COMPETITIVE BUYING AND SELLING: We are just as interested in buying as we are in selling and have been competitive buyers of all bullion and rare coins (certified or not) for more than 37 years. That’s right, day in and day out, in rising markets and in falling markets we have publicly posted our buy and sell prices for everyone. If you have a million dollar collection, an accumulation, or a group of inexpensive coins we are interested and payment is immediate. When selling to us please ask if you have any questions about the proper packaging of your material. It must arrive at the CNI building in acceptable condition, wrapped securely and insured. Each package should contain a written record of what is inside, the purchase order number, your name, address and daytime phone number.

COIN SUPPLIES AND COLLECTING GIFTS FOR THE FAMILY: In the old days all coin dealers carried coin supplies.  Magnifying glasses, special coin holders, plastic flips. And books about collecting and investing in rare coins and the precious metals. As the internet became popular dealers began to specialize – selling only coin supplies. Today if you are looking for a special book to hold coins gathered out of circulation you could find something on Amazon. But here is a handy insiders tip. If you want supplies, with virtually no limitations. And want to insure you are buying quality product at discount prices. There is only one place to go. I have used these folks for decades! Wizard Coin Supplies (