Canadian Silver Mega Leaf 10 oz

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Gross Weight: 10 troy oz
Fineness: .9999 fine
Silver Content:  10 troy oz
Diameter: 3″

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Canadian Silver Mega Leaf 10 oz

If you are looking for silver bullion which is different and beautiful this will fill the bill nicely. The Canadian Silver Mega Leaf 10 oz issued by the Royal Canadian Mint contains 10 ounces of pure silver and is another example of why the Royal Canadian Mint is famous worldwide for its workmanship and quality.

The front of the Canadian Silver Mega Leaf 10 oz features a picture of Queen Elizabeth II – ELIZABETH II D G REGINA and 50 DOLLARS. The monetary amount is largely symbolic but necessary in defining the coin’s legal tender status which is an added plus to the investor. The back of the coin features Canada’s wonderful symbolism – the famous and beautiful Maple Leaf along with the date of issue (2017) and the Canadian Privy Mark – providing an added layer of security. The outside edge offers CANADA 9999 FINE SILVER 10 OZ ARGENT PUR 9999 and provides another security feature becoming more common with the Royal Mint – radial lines around a matte background featuring a brilliant Maple Leaf coupled with a well-defined reeded edge. So it’s not only beautiful but provides a well-thought out security plan as well. Finally this large bullion coin comes in a hard plastic holder for additional protection. They are available in sealed sheets of 4 or a real monster box which contains 24 coins.

The regular production Canadian Silver Mega Leaf 10 oz offers advantages: (1) because the coin is guaranteed as to weight and purity by the Royal Canadian Mint it is a world bullion standard. This allows dealers to post daily buy and sell prices which fluctuate with the price of silver. (2) Because of the Royal Canadian Mint quality standards the Mega Leaf is accepted in Individual Retirement Accounts. (3) Because the Royal Canadian Mint produces a large number of these brilliant silver coins the premium over spot is low. (4) The Canadian Silver Mega Leaf 10 oz is a pure silver coin and so allows investors to figure value easily.

There is no dealer reporting requirement (Federal Form 1099B) for this bullion coin when you purchase or sell.

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Weight 10 oz


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