Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz

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Gross Weight: 1 troy oz
Fineness: .9999 fine
Gold Content: 1 troy oz
Diameter: 1.26 “


Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz

Dates Our Choice – Condition Is Investment Grade

The Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz was introduced by the Perth Mint in 1986 to compete with other world bullion gold coins. From 1986 to 1989 the reverse of the coin pictured world famous gold nuggets but this design was replaced with the Australian kangaroo because this animal better represents Australia.

The front of the Australian Gold Kangaroo features Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. For you history buffs she is also Queen of England, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, Wales, Fiji and Northern Ireland! The Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin Series is available in five sizes; 1 kilo, 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. The one ounce coin being the most popular with precious metal buyers.

The Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz is minted yearly and the Perth Mint changes the kangaroo design which is an entertaining and fun extra.

There are other features which make this a good bullion choice. (1) The coin features a beautiful mirror like surface which is frosted.  It is also protected with a hard acrylic holder for safety and storage.  (2) The series is .9999% pure gold which appeals to a world audience and is readily accepted both in the US, Europe and Asia. (3) The premium you pay over the melt value for the Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz is often lower than other bullion coins. This is true because the Perth Mint is more competitive than other world mints and sells to distributors for less money. (4) The Kangaroo is approved for inclusion in your Individual Retirement Accounts. (5) The Kangaroo contains a pure ounce of gold and is minted by a sovereign government. This allows dealers worldwide to post daily buy and sell prices.

The Australian Mint also produces a number of other bullion coins like the platinum Platypus and the popular gold Lunar Series. And they hold the record for the largest gold coin: a Kangaroo weighing 2004 pounds minted to celebrate the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

There are no dealer reporting requirements when buying or selling the Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz on Federal Form 1099B.

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Weight 1 oz

8 reviews for Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz

  1. alan

    I have been doing business with CNI for many years and have always found my representative,Ken Slater to be very helpful, knowledgeable,and pleasant.

    It”s a pleasure doing business with such a reliable firm.

  2. alan

    Great firm and great service,especially from my representative, Ken slater.

  3. Cyrus

    Always a pleasure to purchase these coins from Ken Slater at CNI!

  4. Cyrus

    A unique coin that adds to the diversity of your coin collection. Always comes in excellent condition from CNI and with excellent service.

  5. Gary

    Ulef you are definitely not too late! I rmeember thinking the very same thing you are thinking and having the very same worries when I bought in at $11.40The situation hasn’t changed a bit expect the bad debts built on fiat currencies and poor government are continually increasing and the amount of metal available is decreasing.It’s perfectly simple economics. In two years you’ll be cheering!

  6. Paul Klenner

    What’s not to like? Beautiful kangaroo coins of .9999 pure gold issued by the sovereign country of Australia. As a bullion coin, no other has more value.

  7. Joel.

    He could not be easier to deal with. Always great support on orders from all the team at CNI, but Sal and I go back years.

  8. Dennis Lanzoni

    These coins are well crafted and beautifully designed. I find them almost mesmerizing to look at, but such is the mystical allure of gold.

    And as always, you will not get better prices from any other reputable dealer out there. You also will not find a more professional and knowledgeable representative than Ken Slater. Even though I live on the east coast, I have been doing business with CNI for ten+ years, and I would go nowhere else for the buying and selling of my precious metals. My best to you and Debbie, Ken.

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