Asahi 100 oz Silver Bar

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Gross Weight: 100 troy oz
Fineness: .999 fine
Silver Content: 100 troy oz
Dimensions:6.50″ x 2.50″ x 1.25″


Asahi 100 oz Silver Bar

The Asahi 100 oz Silver Bar is poured and carries a distinctive matte finish. It includes rounded edges and contains the following hallmarks: (1) the famous Asahi trademark at the top of the bar and the name of the maker – Asahi Assayers / Refiners. (2) The weight of the Asahi 100 oz Silver Bar is clearly marked (100 oz). (3) Beneath the weight mark we find the purity stamp (999). This bar looks surprisingly like the old JM Bar and for the record Asahi bought JM refining not long ago.

Silver is often talked about as an industrial metal because it has many uses in technology, medical science and the environment. As world industry grows the need for silver increases and may push prices higher. Its investment value has also brought increasing attention since the use of silver in most US coinage was discontinued in 1964. Today many people see silver as real money and a store of value as fiat currency loses value.

The Asahi 100 oz Silver Bar is popular for a number of other reasons: (1) its weight (100 oz) and size makes for easy storage and handling especially when considering a bank deposit box. (2) The 100 oz bar makes consumer valuation easy because large dealers post daily buy and sell prices worldwide. (3) The bar is produced by one of Japan’s largest refiners which guarantees the highest and most exacting quality standards. This assures brand acceptance and ease of both buying and selling. (4) The Asahi 100 oz Silver Bar can be used in your Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

There are no reporting requirements when the consumer purchases this bar.  Your sale of 1000 ounces or more of this 100 oz bar is dealer reportable on I.R.S. Form 1099B. A total sale of less than 1000 ounces at any one time is not reportable by your dealer.

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Weight 100 oz

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  1. Michele Lohnes

    Thanks Dana for all of your hard work on our IRA projects. It is always a pleasure working with you! Will continue to work with you on all of our future IRA needs.

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