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GoldDealer Testimonials with Richard Schwary


Customer satisfaction and consumer education have been the cornerstones of our business for 35 years.

Because the more you understand the “up” or “down” movement in precious metals or rare coins the better your chance of success.

Please feel free to contact me directly with comments because feeling completely confident with GoldDealer.com and our products is the most important service we provide.

Richard Schwary


Here are a few GoldDealer.com testimonials from satisfied customers:

GoldDealer Testimonial #1

“I have been doing business with CNI for 10 years. Ken Slater has been helping me for the entire time. I have no idea how many transactions I have had both on the buy side and the sell side. The sell side is where I am the most satisfied. It’s very important to me to receive my funds in a timely manner. Ken has delivered 100 % of the time. I have complete confidence in the integrity of CNI. I have never met Ken in person but I consider him a true friend. Semper Fidelis.”
M.C. – Philadelphia, PA

GoldDealer Testimonial #2

“I wanted to recognize the great customer service given to me by one of your employees, Bill. I was notified by CNI when my purchase had been shipped, and I got concerned when it did not arrive in a timely manner. I called up CNI and talked to Bill. He gave me the tracking number and said that he would check with your shipper. He called me a number of times to fill me in on the status of the shipment. He even called me last Friday (when your offices were closed for Veterans Day) and Saturday—now that’s what I call great customer service! To make a long story short, my shipment arrived on Saturday safe and sound. Bill is courteous, professional, and friendly (and to be quite honest with you I’m going to miss talking to him). Bill turned what could have been an unpleasant and frustrating experience, into a very positive one. I have purchased from CNI before, and knowing that you have quality people like Bill, I will continue to purchase from CNI. In addition, I have recommended CNI to a number of friends and relatives. Thanks again Bill for the great service. Regards.”
G.J.S. Jr. – Cyberspace

GoldDealer Testimonial #3

“Wanted to drop a short note to let you know how pleased I’ve been doing business with your firm over the years. Never a problem, and all the people manning your phones have been courteous and professional. Again, thanks!”
R.S. – Cyberspace

GoldDealer Testimonial #4

“Thank you for your response. I will contact these referrals and let them know you sent me to them. I appreciate your candid comments, and I thank you for your integrity.”
K.D. – Cyberspace

GoldDealer Testimonial #5

“Several years ago I bought some gold coins from a stock broker. I recently needed some cash and decided to sell some of the coins. I went to a coin dealer here in New York. The man there claimed that American Eagle Gold coins are only 90% gold and offered to pay me 90% of 90% of the spot price for gold. I had been tracking my gold prices for a long time on the California Numismatic web site and knew that you were offering a premium above the spot price. So after spending some time thinking about the risks of long distance transactions (what if the gold were lose, etc.), I decided to see if I could sell my coins to California Numismatic Investments. On May 9 I called California Numismatic Investments and Spoke with Eric Lee, who was very helpful. Per His instructions I mailed the coins registered insured. I think that UPS or FedEx might have gotten the gold there faster, but I did as Eric recommended. I also called CNI with the registration information that day, since Eric had made it clear that this was essential to lock in the price. It took a full week for the post office to get around to delivering the gold, but I received payment promptly once the coins arrived at CNI. I am very happy with this transaction. If I am able to afford gold in the future, I will only consider CNI as the source to buy from and should I need to sell the rest of my coins I will also only deal with CNI. You are the best!”
Brad – Cyberspace

GoldDealer Testimonial #6

“Thanks for your online introduction to investing in precious metals. I felt you were being straight with the reader, giving appropriate warnings, as well as encouragements. Just thought I’d send you my appreciation for a good piece of writing. It was a help for me. Thanks.”
J. Y. – Cyberspace

GoldDealer Testimonial #7

“Dear Kenny: I recently made a substantial purchase from CNI, a transaction completed with you. I have been a long time customer of CNI and completely trust the company. The recent purchase took longer than normal to reach me in Maine, and I was extremely concerned as I was leaving on a trip to South America. You had Bill call me on Friday to follow-up and let me know what was going on. For some reason the tracking number was not working; he assured me he would find out where it was and it’s ETA. He also told me he would call me on Saturday with an update. I am writing because he did all those things, and more. He spent over an hour on the phone with me on Saturday, calling my local Post Office, The Post Office in LA, etc… I wanted to let you know how conscientious, efficient, polite and responsible he was. He called me first thing Monday to let me know the package had been delivered that morning to my local PO. I wanted to commend him, and let the company know what a great employee you have, which I am sure you already know.”
D.R. – Maine

GoldDealer Testimonial #8

“To Ken Slater: Thank you for the pleasant transaction we had with you today. I have been extremely pleased and impressed by two transactions with CNI. It is a real pleasure to do business with ethical individuals and an ethical company. I will continue to refer my friends to CNI.”
S.L. – L.A., California

GoldDealer Testimonial #9

“It isn’t often I take the time to write to a company to compliment its service, but my experience with CNI has been so completely positive I feel I must. My primary dealer has been Sal Princiotta. On my first call, he patiently explained the metals-buying process and made useful recommendations. He has professionally handled my various transactions since. I referred my son to him, and my son’s experience was equally positive. Keep up the good work! And please give Sal a well deserved pat on the back.”
H.J. – Cyberspace

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