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Rare Coins And Precious Metals Questions And Answers with Richard Schwary


This page contains entries which can save you both time and money. These observations will also save you a great deal of aggravation and make you a better informed investor if in the beginning you understand the precious metal and rare coin markets are highly random and no one not even GoldDealer.com knows what the future might hold. So take your time and read Rare Coins & Precious Metals – Questions and Answers and learn about reporting requirements, in and out of state sales tax, precious metal and rare coin diversification, collection appraisals, selling precious metals or rare coins through the mail, risk disclosure and buy/sell spreads.

I include various approaches to investing but actual choices and distribution are your responsibility so consider carefully before instructing us as to what you want to buy or sell. Why? Because our sales representatives do not offer legal, investment or tax advice.

Do not buy or sell precious metals or rare coins unless you understand and take full responsibility for your actions.

Investment in precious metals and rare coins involves a high degree of risk including possible loss of principal; these markets are extremely volatile. They can also change dramatically when closed if an unforeseen “after market” develops. Because of these and other factors the precious metals or rare coins may not be suitable for all individuals. Do not proceed unless you fully understand the risks and rewards associated with this investment class. If you have questions before deciding please e-mail Ask An Expert.

1. How do I sell my bullion to CNI when out of state?
2. The CNI Balanced Portfolio Concept.
3. Always avoid dealer-controlled coin storage programs, even those offered by reputable firms.

4. Avoid high-pressure sales tactics.
5. Make a distinction between bullion related bars or coins and certified rare coins.
6. Beware of unrealistic dealer promises for there are no coin genies waiting to make you rich.
7. When comparing certified rare coin pricing note the price and grade carefully. A one point difference in the grade might change the price dramatically.
8. Learn not to leave money on the table when selling your certified coins.
9. It is your responsibility to report losses or gains on your income tax returns.
10. Sales over $1500 within California are not subject to state sales tax, and neither is any product mailed out of state.
11. The foundation of rare coin investment centers on a coin's condition.
12. You will notice we have stayed between MS63 and MS66 because you get more for your investment dollar.
13. When considering rare coins stay within your budget, purchase the highest grade available, and balance rarity with popularity.
14. Never purchase an investment rare coin unless it is graded by The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).
15. Remember The 40-Year Rule in rare coin investing. Simply stated you should avoid rare coins that are less than 40 years old.
16. If possible, do business with members of The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG).
17. What is your company policy on collection appraisals?
18. How secure and private is my contact information with CNI?
19. The word numismatic is in your name, what exactly does it mean?
20. What balance should I have between hard assets and my other investments?
21. I like silver bullion and lately it has been getting a lot of press, so what do you think about silver investment?
22. Do you think it is a good idea to have fractional size gold bullion coins?
23. What is the difference between a 1 oz. gold coin and a bar of the same weight?
24. I saw a posted price that was too low relative to recent changes in the market. What do you make of that?
25. The dollar amount over spot sometimes varies over time on your bullion coins. Why is this figure not constant?
26. Risk Disclosure ~ Trader's Option ~ Buy and Sell Spreads
27. What is your spread between the buy and sell price of various products?
28. It is important to make your own choices and exercise common sense in these markets. The precious metals and certified rare coins often change dramatically in price without warning.

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