British Britannia 1 oz 2023

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Gross Weight: 1 troy oz
Fineness: 999.5
Platinum Content: 1 troy oz

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British Britannia 1 oz 2023

The British 2023 Platinum Britannia 1 oz is one of the most popular platinum bullion coins on the market today. It is produced by the Royal Mint and competes in the world market with the US Platinum Eagle. The front of this newly designed coin features (Charles III-D-G-REX-F-D- 100 POUNDS) and incorporates the latest anti-couterfeiting devices in an amazingly intricate cameo design that is beautiful in its classic rendition.

The reverse features a stylized and elegent BRITANNIA – 2023 –  the weight (1 oz), the purity (999.5) and the word (PLATINUM). The Royal Mint has also added a privy mark for added consumer security.

The British Platinum Britannia 1 oz trades for a small premium above its platinum weight and the legal tender value while symbolic adds a special plus because it provides the guarantee of a sovereign nation.

The regular production of the British Platium Britannia 1 oz offers a number of advantages: (1) Because the British Platium Britannia 1 oz is minted and guaranteed as to weight and purity by the Royal Mint it is accepted as a world standard. This allows dealers to post daily buy and sell prices on these beautiful 1 oz coins which follow the world price of platinum. (2) Because of the Royal Mint’s high quality standards the British Platium Britannia 1 oz is accepted in your Individual Retirement Account. (3) Because the Royal Mint produces a significant number of these coins the premium over spot is low and attractive to those who only want a bullion investment. (4) The British Platium Britannia 1 oz is a pure platinum coin and thus allows investors to diversify their precious metals holdings and easily figure value. (5) The Royal Mint designed a hard plastic tube which holds 10 coins for easy storage. (6) Platinum bullion investment is growing because unlike gold there are no Central Bank Reserves and it has many industrial uses. Major mine production of platinum comes from South Africa and Russia.

There is no reporting requirement (Federal Form 1099B) when buying or selling the British 2023 Platinum Britannia 1 oz .

To ask questions about the British 2023 Platinum Britannia 1 oz call toll free (1-800-225-7531) during normal business hours. If you would like a written reply please use Ask an Expert and thanks for reading.

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Weight 1 oz