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Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine

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Gross Weight: 0.942 oz
Fineness: .900 fine
Silver Content: 0.77 oz
Diameter: 1 1/2″

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Morgan Silver Dollar – Extra Fine (1878-1904)

Available By the Roll (20 coins) – 100 Count Bag or 500 Count Bag

The Morgan Silver Dollar – Extra Fine (1878 – 1904) is an iconic example of a silver legal tender coin struck during America’s “golden age” of hard money. The Morgan Silver Dollar was designed by George T. Morgan and was the business coin of choice in early frontier towns of the old West.

The Morgan Silver Dollar – Extra Fine (1878 – 1904) contains 0.77 ounce of pure silver and saw wide usage in business transactions both in this country and abroad. These coins were minted in the San Francisco Mint (S Mint Mark), Denver Mint (D Mint Mark), Philadelphia Mint (No Mint Mark), New Orleans Mint (O Mint Mark) and the Carson City Mint (CC). The mint mark is on the reverse of the coin, below the wreath under the Eagle’s tail.

Between 1878 and 1904 approximately 555 million coins were minted. All are .900 fine silver with a small amount of copper added to insure years of daily monetary circulation. Much of the famous Comstock Silver Load made its way into these historical silver dollars.

Original coins in higher grades like Extra Fine are not that readily available because of the infamous Pittman Act. In 1918 legislation was passed which allowed the melting of almost 300 million coins decreasing available coin supply by more than half.

Morgan Silver Dollar
Silver Dollars

All Morgan Silver Dollar – Extra Fine (1878 – 1904) are carefully chosen, graded by experts and subject to availability. They trade for a premium over their melt value for several reasons. There is a large collector base which eagerly seek higher grade circulated examples because of their scarcity and historical interest. And because they are no longer minted higher demand creates higher premiums. Finally these large US silver dollars have been recognized worldwide as a store of value for more than 100 years.

The Morgan Silver Dollar – Extra Fine (1878 – 1904) offered here are dates and mint marks of our choice. They are problem free examples based on ANA Grading Standards and have been carefully selected. There are no culls, cleaned or damaged examples. They are packaged in durable plastic tubes of 20 coins or canvas bags which contain 100 or 500 coins. We always guarantee your satisfaction or simply return the coins for replacement or a complete refund. 

Check out our Silver Dollar Morgan List or our US Gold and Silver PCGS Certified Page for more information.

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Weight.7734 oz

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