Silver Dollars – The Morgan List

Silver Dollars – The Morgan List

Building Wealth with High Grade Morgan Silver Dollars (1878-1921)

The Morgan silver dollar, named after designer George T. Morgan, is one of the most widely collected and studied silver coins ever produced by the US Mint. Investment grade silver dollars are fun to collect, historically important and a perfect source of private wealth. Yet nearly everybody can get started regardless of budget.
Silver Dollars
There are compelling reasons to invest in Morgan silver dollars and all focus on its history and notoriety. Most Morgan silver dollars were produced in large quantities because of the infamous deal struck between early Nevada silver producers and the US Mint. The Comstock Lode silver producers created an oversupply of silver and America had too many unemployed workers. This combination led to the Bland-Allison Act of 1878 which authorized the Morgan silver dollar. It was legislated that silver from the Comstock Lode was designated specifically to produce large quantities of Morgan silver dollars with the benefit of helping the unemployment problem. The plan wasn’t well designed and a great deal more coins were minted than were needed, necessitating government storage of the surplus. Finally in 1917 under provisions of The Pittman Act, 300 million of these silver dollars were melted, without regard to date or mint mark. This action led to a great investment opportunity in America’s most prized silver coin.

6 Reasons Favoring High Grade Silver Dollars

1. Let’s begin by stating the obvious. The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of America’s most beautiful coins. Our dignified Miss Liberty is on the front (called the obverse) and a majestic eagle whose wings are outspread, holding an olive branch in one talon and a bundle of arrows in the other is on the reverse. This coin is a classic from the golden age of U.S. coin design. And let’s go further – the Morgan silver dollar is one of the most important and well-known silver coins ever minted. It literally represents the Old West and the lore that goes with stagecoach delivery and mining towns.
2. Building private wealth using the Morgan silver dollar made perfect sense to millionaire Lavere Redfield. And with a little study we think it will also make perfect sense to Americans looking for an alternative to modern banking. The authorized melting of 300 million coins in 1917 created investment opportunities which are still being analyzed. The Morgan silver dollar was produced at 5 different mints over a span of 28 years and so contains dates and mint-marks that are overlooked even today.

3. Morgan dollars are graded using the Sheldon Scale of 1 to 70 and the higher the number the better the coin’s condition. Choosing the right grade is important because investment by condition is a hallmark of rare coin success. Most Morgan dollars saw immediate circulation and this process pushed the number of uncirculated examples lower while collector demand for mint state examples pushed prices higher.

4. With the inception of PCGS, the coin’s condition and authenticity are guaranteed since world-class graders independently agree on the coin’s grade. A PCGS encapsulated coin is as well respected as Abe Lincoln’s word – you can learn why by watching: The PCGS Grading Process Video

5. The Morgan silver dollar is a virtual price barometer of the coin business. Price analysis of this series is important because it is widely held and historically significant. But the driving force behind this recommendation is that we believe given the growing number of collectors many high grade coins within the series are under priced. In fact many dates trade for the same price as common modern issues – which does not make any sense.

6. Also consider two important guidelines: First, generally speaking the most important grade is Mint State 65 (MS 65) or Gem Uncirculated. The number of coins graded at this level decreases dramatically and there is a nice balance between rarity and price. Second, the coin you are considering must be blast-white in color because superior “eye appeal” is like owning beach front real estate.

Learning More Is Easy – Consider This Special Offer

1. Call toll free (1-800-225-7531) with your questions and we will offer further insight including a few potential pitfalls because all coin choices involve some risk. Keep in mind that our pricing list is only a reference. We rarely have all coins for two reasons: First, while the MS 65 grade is guaranteed by PCGS we choose examples which fall into the higher end of the grading range. And second our silver dollar choices must be blast white.

2. There is nothing which can replace holding these gem uncirculated 100 year old Morgan dollars in your hands so here’s our Risk-Free Offer: If you believe, as we do, that these classic silver coins represent a great opportunity call and inquire about availability. There is no obligation and this will allow us to custom fit this investment to your specific needs regardless of your budget.

3. Finally, as you learn more consider making a $3000 purchase and help yourself to a 5% discount. This makes you a member of our Rare Coin Club and provides a 5% discount on future rare coin investments. It is a great way to get started and our way of saying thanks for the business.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed and if you are not completely delighted simply return the coins insured within 7 days for a complete no questions asked refund.

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Morgan Dollars Certified By PCGS MS65
Call 1-800-225-7531 to Confirm Price and Availability

Morgan Dollar1878 8TFPCGSMS65$1,375
Morgan Dollar1878 7TF Rev 79PCGSMS65$1,800
Morgan Dollar1878-CCPCGSMS65$1,330
Morgan Dollar1878-SPCGSMS65$270
Morgan Dollar1879PCGSMS65$600
Morgan Dollar1879-OPCGSMS65$2,600
Morgan Dollar1879-SPCGSMS65$120
Morgan Dollar1880PCGSMS65$550
Morgan Dollar1880-CCPCGSMS65$1,100
Morgan Dollar1880-SPCGSMS65$120
Morgan Dollar1881PCGSMS65$570
Morgan Dollar1881-CCPCGSMS65$900
Morgan Dollar1881-OPCGSMS65$1,050
Morgan Dollar1881-SPCGSMS65$120
Morgan Dollar1882PCGSMS65$420
Morgan Dollar1882-CCPCGSMS65$420
Morgan Dollar1882-OPCGSMS65$890
Morgan Dollar1882-SPCGSMS65$120
Morgan Dollar1883PCGSMS65$160
Morgan Dollar1883-CCPCGSMS65$410
Morgan Dollar1883-OPCGSMS65$140
Morgan Dollar1884PCGSMS65$280
Morgan Dollar1884-CCPCGSMS65$410
Morgan Dollar1884-OPCGSMS65$120
Morgan Dollar1885PCGSMS65$145
Morgan Dollar1885-CCPCGSMS65$1,100
Morgan Dollar1885-OPCGSMS65$135
Morgan Dollar1885-SPCGSMS65$1,600
Morgan Dollar1886PCGSMS65$130
Morgan Dollar1886-SPCGSMS65$2,000
Morgan Dollar1887PCGSMS65$145
Morgan Dollar1887-OPCGSMS65$1,900
Morgan Dollar1887-SPCGSMS65$2,100
Morgan Dollar1888PCGSMS65$210
Morgan Dollar1888-OPCGSMS65$450
Morgan Dollar1888-SPCGSMS65$2,400
Morgan Dollar1889PCGSMS65$300
Morgan Dollar1889-SPCGSMS65$1,450
Morgan Dollar1890PCGSMS65$1,200
Morgan Dollar1890-CCPCGSMS65$3,600
Morgan Dollar1890-OPCGSMS65$1,450
Morgan Dollar1890-SPCGSMS65$1,050
Morgan Dollar1891-CCPCGSMS65$3,600
Morgan Dollar1891-SPCGSMS65$1,250
Morgan Dollar1896PCGSMS65$155
Morgan Dollar1897PCGSMS65$300
Morgan Dollar1897-SPCGSMS65$490
Morgan Dollar1898PCGSMS65$200
Morgan Dollar1898-OPCGSMS65$135
Morgan Dollar1898-SPCGSMS65$1,400
Morgan Dollar1899PCGSMS65$160
Morgan Dollar1899-OPCGSMS65$165
Morgan Dollar1899-SPCGSMS65$1,700
Morgan Dollar1900PCGSMS65$175
Morgan Dollar1900-OPCGSMS65$175
Morgan Dollar1900-O/CCPCGSMS65$1,750
Morgan Dollar1900-SPCGSMS65$1,300
Morgan Dollar1901-OPCGSMS65$160
Morgan Dollar1902PCGSMS65$360
Morgan Dollar1902-OPCGSMS65$155
Morgan Dollar1902-SPCGSMS65$1,800
Morgan Dollar1903PCGSMS65$220
Morgan Dollar1903-OPCGSMS65$670
Morgan Dollar1904PCGSMS65$1,900
Morgan Dollar1904-OPCGSMS65$125
Morgan Dollar1904-SPCGSMS65$8,300
Morgan Dollar1921PCGSMS65$135
Morgan Dollar1921-DPCGSMS65$310
Morgan Dollar1921-SPCGSMS65$700