Gold Holds Up – For Now

Gold Holds Up – For Now Commentary for Wednesday, Feb 21, 2017 – Gold closed up $1.20 at $1330.00 today and was higher by a few dollars more in the after-market so traders are buying the dip – a good sign. Gold however has once again showed overhead weakness in the $1360.00 area. The chart pattern […]

Gold Higher on the Week 

Gold Higher on the Week  Commentary for Friday, Feb 16, 2017 – Gold closed up a tepid $1.10 at $1353.20 and on the week has advanced $29.00. Silver was also higher on the week as was platinum and palladium. With the Chinese Lunar New Year and President’s Day (Monday) I think things will be pretty quiet […]

Gold “Pops”

Gold “Pops”  Commentary for Wednesday, Feb 14, 2017  – Gold closed up $27.40 at $1355.50. Prices jumped higher today after early trading opened flat then lost $10.00 in value. This big reversal is the result of higher than expected inflation news – released today. The Consumer Price Index was hot – up 0.5% in January […]

Gold Holds as the Dollar Weakens 

Gold Holds as the Dollar Weakens  Commentary for Tuesday, Feb 13, 2017 – Gold closed up $3.90 at $1328.10. Gold is firm today as traders try to figure out just how likely it is that President Trump gets everything he is looking for in the way of monetary expansion. His latest budget proposal includes the kitchen […]

Gold Choppy – Holding $1300.00

Gold Choppy – Holding $1300.00 Commentary for Thursday, Feb 8, 2017 – Gold closed up $5.30 at $1316.90 so pricing is firm but the trading pattern looks choppy – uncertain. So gold continues to find solid footing but will remain under pressure if the dollar continues to move higher. The Dollar Index this past week has […]

Gold Settles and Waits

Gold Settles and Waits Commentary for Monday, Feb 5, 2017 – Gold closed down $0.70 at $1333.00 in uneventful trading. Can’t say the gold trade was too exciting today – no buzz here. We opened around unchanged from Friday and have been moving higher and lower a few dollars the rest of the trading day. Gold’s […]

Gold Weakens on Better Jobs Outlook

Gold Weakens on Better Jobs Outlook Commentary for Friday, Feb 2, 2017  – Gold closed down $10.60 at $1333.70. Gold faltered today after strong US jobs data and wage growth was the highest in 9 years. This strengthened the dollar – the Dollar Index moved from 88.72 through 89.25 pushing gold lower. Gold did close […]

Gold – Firm but Cautious

Gold – Firm but Cautious       Commentary for Wednesday, Jan 31, 2017  – Gold closed up $3.60 today at $1339.00 – not bad – we did sell off a bit on the close after reaching above $1344.00 on the day but this was probably the result of “nothing new” in the most recent FOMC minutes. […]

Gold – Resting or Fading?

Gold – Resting or Fading?   Commentary for Tuesday, Jan 30, 2017 – Gold closed down $4.90 at $1335.40. The price of gold remains in the semi-important spotlight – financial planners are talking about “diversification” more these days – this has to be good for the metals. The technical picture is also solid but easily distracted […]