Gold Wakes up a Third Time

Gold Wakes up a Third Time Commentary for Friday, Nov 17, 2017 ( – Gold closed up a surprising $18.40 at $1295.80. This really unexpected rise in the price of gold might be oil related. Reuters “OPEC will meet on Nov 30th to discuss policy, including a deal with producers to limit oil production. Concerns […]

Gold Holding & Uneventful

Gold Holding & Uneventful Commentary for Thursday, Nov 16, 2017 – Gold closed up a big $0.90 today at $1277.40. So a firm but uneventful day – it looks like a holding pattern really watching its 100 Day Moving Average ($1278.00) and dollar strength.  The Dollar Index was choppy (93.87) but generally weaker since the 94.5 […]

Gold Closes Lower

Gold Closes Lower Commentary for Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017 – Gold closed down $5.00 at $1276.50. Gold actually got off to a fast start moving early to new recent highs up $8.00 to $1289.00. However the release of higher than expected inflation data suggests the Fed might be forced to raise rates in December. At this […]

Gold Tests Overhead Resistance?

Gold Tests Overhead Resistance? Commentary for Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017 – Gold closed up $4.20 today at $1281.50 – once again we above the psychologically important $1280.00 mark. Gold in the overnight market weakened in Hong Kong and was steady in London. Domestic trading opened flat – moved lower and corrected higher – holding gains for […]

Gold Steady – With Little Buzz

Gold Steady – With Little Buzz Commentary for Monday, Nov 13, 2017 ( – Gold closed up $4.90 at $1277.30 in petty much uneventful trading. Gold looks steady – after Friday’s big paper selloff. Like I said Friday these “big paper traps” usually turn out to be “not so big” markets usually recover quickly. At […]

Gold Weaker on Paper Liquidation

Gold Weaker on Paper Liquidation Commentary for Friday, Nov 10, 2017 – Gold closed down $13.20 at $1272.40. One thing is sure about this market – it will keep you off balance – today is another good example. Gold opened steady as a rock and most expected it would finish the week above the psychologically important […]

Gold Wakes up Again

Gold Wakes up Again Commentary for Thursday, Nov 9, 2017 – Gold closed up $4.00 at $1285.60. There may not be much physical action at these higher levels but everyone and their brother is watching the price action – gold sold off in early trading – reaching $1282.00 and then bounced higher – recovering its loss […]

Gold Continues to Hold the Range

Gold Continues to Hold the Range Commentary for Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017 – Gold closed up $7.90 at $1281.60 – off highs on the day but a surprise move higher after yesterday’s disappointing close. Gold had a choppy opening and then moved immediately higher – once again testing that important $1280.00 shelf which still weighs on […]

Gold Back to Range Bound – Perhaps

Gold Back to Range Bound – Perhaps Commentary for Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017 – Gold closed down $5.70 at $1273.70 as excitement over another attempt above $1280.00 was dumped as traders sold old resistance. Gold opened nicely but quickly dropped to $1272.00 before catching traction – finishing the day with a mild loss and giving […]

Gold Wakes Up?

Gold Wakes Up? Commentary for Monday, Nov 6, 2017 ( – Gold closed up $12.90 at $1279.40. Gold opened flat – trended a bit higher and then took a shot at $1280.00 before settling at the higher end of today’s trading range. Keep in mind that for now $1280.00 is the golden key for the […]