Gold Steadies

Gold Steadies Commentary for Friday, Sept 22, 2017 – Gold closed up $2.70 at $1293.30 surprisingly steady considering the rest of the trade was looking for the other shoe to fall after Yellen’s Wednesday speech. It looks like gold is just hanging out while the bulls wonder if this is the beginning of the end […]

Gold Tests New Recent Lows

Gold Tests New Recent Lows Commentary for Thursday, Sept 21, 2017 – Gold closed down $21.40 today at $1290.60. Most of that was seen in the aftermarket yesterday. The gold market can be really contrary you know – today being a good example. Everyone and their brother are crying over how hawkish yesterday’s FOMC testimony […]

Gold Yawns over Yellen

Gold Yawns over Yellen Commentary for Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017 – Gold closed up $5.80 at $1312.00 today in early trading and then sold off more than $10.00 in the aftermarket as Yellen explained the FOMC position. Can’t say there was much buzz – perhaps a bit before she spoke but after the speech gold decided […]

Gold Again Looks for Footing

Gold Again Looks for Footing Commentary for Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017 – Gold closed down $0.10 at $1306.20. The gold market opened flat today trading between $1307.00 and $1310.00 really waiting on the FOMC news. The governors are meeting today and tomorrow so Janet Yellen will likely speak after the market closes on Wednesday. Not much […]

Gold made up its Mind – For Now

Gold made up its Mind – For Now Commentary for Monday, Sept 18, 2017 – Gold closed down $14.10 at $1306.30 today. It broke down in the overnight Hong Kong and London markets and continued weak on the domestic side. Everyone was watching the important $1320.00 line in the sand which seemed like it wanted to […]

Gold can’t make up its Mind

Gold can’t make up its Mind Commentary for Friday, Sept 15, 2017 ( – Gold closed down $4.30 at $1320.40. Gold opened a few dollars higher but soon sold off touching $1320.00 before catching a bid – it would appear the further North Korean mischief or terror problems in England did not push the needle […]

Gold – Choppy or Firm?

Gold – Choppy or Firm? Commentary for Thursday, Sept 14, 2017 – Gold closed up $1.30 today at $1324.70. This tight trading range introduces an interesting scenario according to FXEmpire – “Summary, bullish over $1330.40 and bearish under $1320.30.” The latest comments from North Korea about sinking Japan did not create much of a stir – […]

Gold Settles Lower

Gold Settles Lower Commentary for Tuesday, Sept 12, 2017 – Gold closed down $3.00 at $1328.00 today. The last few days of pricing action in gold provides a classic reason why you should not get too excited when gold moves above $1300.00. Happy yes – but not too excited. We have experienced either an upward or […]

Gold Takes a Breather

Gold Takes a Breather Commentary for Monday, Sept 11, 2017 – Gold closed lower by $17.70 today at $1331.00 – this will take some of the wind out of the bullish camp but the jury is still out as to whether this weakness is temporary. Some thought it likely that there would be further trouble from […]

Gold Continues to Push Higher

Gold Continues to Push Higher Commentary for Friday, Sept 8, 2017 – Gold closed up $3.60 today at $1348.70 – so the market remains firm – this short week saw gold in the green by $24.40. Gold’s ability to show strength above $1300.00 creates more buzz. It would obviously be nice to see longer term consolidation […]