Gold Takes a Breather?  

Gold Takes a Breather?    Commentary for Tuesday, Jan 16, 2017 – Gold closed up $2.00 at $1335.40. Gold was mildly higher today but I’m disappointed in its performance since last Friday. Over the long holiday weekend the Dollar Index moved from 92.50 to 90.31 – it recovered a small amount of that loss today but consider […]

Gold Again Pressured by the Dollar

Gold Again Pressured by the Dollar    Commentary for Tuesday, Jan 9, 2017 – Gold closed down $6.90 at $1311.70 pressured once again by a reversal in dollar strength. The Dollar Index has been a bit choppy these past 5 days but generally higher – moving from 91.70 through 92.55 – most likely because traders have […]

Gold Hiccup or Business as Usual?

Gold Hiccup or Business as Usual?    Commentary for Monday, Jan 8, 2017 – Gold closed down $1.70 today at $1318.60. Today’s gold pricing is an old but still interesting story based on dollar strength. Most everyone will buy the notion that as the dollar strengthens the price of gold will weaken – don’t cry in your […]

Gold Traders Buy the Dip 

Gold Traders Buy the Dip      Commentary for Thursday, Jan 4, 2017 – Gold closed up $3.20 today at $1319.40. So gold continues firm – yes somewhat choppy but a generally weaker dollar – pushed lower because the euro is at three year highs seems to allow traders continued optimism coupled with some caution. The caution part […]

Gold Resting or Not?

Gold Resting or Not?      Commentary for Wednesday, Jan 3, 2017 – Gold closed up $2.50 at $1316.20. Back from the New Year holiday and wondering just what is instore for gold on the shorter term. Of course this market remains upbeat in that we have pushed above the $1300.00 overhead resistance but most seasoned traders remain […]

Gold Finishes Nicely into the New Year  

Gold Finishes Nicely into the New Year      Commentary for Friday, Dec 29, 2017 – Gold closed up an impressive $12.20 today at $1306.30. So it looks solid going into the New Year but I would not get carried away – we need confirmation of gold’s ability to hold recent highs in 2018. Behind this latest move […]

Gold Firm – Looking Again at $1300.00

Gold Firm – Looking Again at $1300.00      Commentary for Thursday, Dec 28, 2017 – Gold closed up $5.80 at $1294.10. This is our first newsletter since last Friday and the essentially upward movement of gold established in early December remains intact. You will remember gold saw a recent low of $1240.00 on December 11 but since […]